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Four Tanks and A Healer- Kickstarter Page

So, we have been seeking investors and sponsors for our first full season of Four Tanks and a Healer- yay! We need your support to help get the word out and make the season happen. Please check out our Kickstarter page. Give if you can (every little bit helps). Please help spread the word by posting it on your social networking sites, emailing the link around, and letting others who may be interested in being part of an awesome project about our Kickstarter effort. Thanks for your support!!





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One Response to “Four Tanks and A Healer- Kickstarter Page”

  1. tony says:

    I just watched four tanks and a healer. It was epic. I have played MMOs for the last 15 years and u guys hit it on the head. I wish I could see a full season. Much better than alot of stuff on tv today.

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