About Us

4 Reelz is a limited liability corporation that was established in 2009. Our main purpose and business is to create television series and theatrical motion pictures. The Company plans to develop comedic and animated productions with the main goal of making people laugh. The primary strength of any company is in its management team and network of advisors. 4Reelz’s principles have extensive experience in business and creating quality, marketable entertainment productions.


Ms. Marisa Zakaria, President, Business and Financial

With over 20 years in Entertainment and 10 in Corporate America, she couples well-rounded business knowledge with a passion for the creative.

Marisa holds a BSBA in Accountancy, an MBA, and CPA with marketing, finance, and human resource expertise. Her entertainment resume consists of over 30 film and televisionproductions, most notably feature films Shutter and How To Act in Cleveland: A Documentary of the Cleveland Actor. While striving to make entertaining productions.

Marisa also focuses on maximizing return on investment and ensuring successful business endeavours. She will manage the 4Reelz team, negotiate with distributors, plan future and long-term strategies, and oversee the financial affairs of the company.



Mr. Jacob Drake, Vice President, Animation

Jacob Drake is a primarily self-taught animator who has been sharpening his skills since 2001. His unique style has been taking shape since his first animated short, Nintendo: OldSchool Revolution, exploded onto the internet in early 2006 with literally
hundreds of thousands of fans.
Several fan films and one professional music video
later (for Our Lady Peace lead singer, Raine Maida, no less),

Jacob’s animation is continually evolving as he continues to create a variety of funny and thoughtful original animated projects. He will spearhead the animation department.