WOD Diaries

WOD Diaries - Sex and the City meets Crossfit- TV Pilot (Dramedy)


The Full Pilot Episode is Coming Soon!

There is nothing crazier than an obsessed crossfitter! WOD Diaries centers around four females in a fun and humorous way as they try to get in their daily WODS (workout of the day) while managing their personal relationships in and out of the box. The show also offers amazing tests of fitness, hot sweaty athletes, cool ‘gym’ tricks and lots of juicy controversy.


  • Jacquelyn Deme – Jessica
  • Marisa Zakaria – Marla
  • Maddy Curley – Kasey
  • Ingrid Clay – Dina
  • Wolfgang Bodison – Ray
  • Brad Benedict – Sam
  • Michael Ball – Tom
  • Stefan Niemczyk – Coach Mick
  • Eva Lauren – Kartaj Harijiwan
  • Mike Valley – Zane
  • Joshua Boutlinghouse – Owner
  • Carly Thackrey – Lindsay
  • Special Guest Appearance – Kris Clever