Four Tanks and a Healer

Four Tanks and a Healer Animated TV pilot (Comedy/Fantasy) -

Episode 1 and Episode 2 NOW AVAILABLE on-line

You know all those online role playing games that gamers sacrifice any hint of a social life in order to conquer? Those games where you can be anybody you want to in a world far more fantastic than our own?

“Four Tanks and a Healer” is a funny and brutally honest animated look at the world inside one of these games. The cartoon never leaves the game. We never see the people playing. Instead, we join a ragtag group of players as they go on adventures across amazing landscapes ranging from deadly volcanoes to treacherous swamps. Monsters, dragons, and other creatures of all shapes and sizes plague their journeys. Many friends and foes alike appear on their paths toward greatness and the next “level up”.

In reality, these are just five oridinary human beings sitting in front of their computers… but reality isn’t something these folks are interested in. In their world, they are “Four Tanks and a Healer”. Their leader is “Malcom330″, a well-rounded dwarf warrior controlled by a mid-20′s loser who is out to prove that he and his team are a force to be reckoned with; “Redbeerd”, a male dwarf warrior being played by a middle-aged woman whose kids are begging for some real-life attention as she plays the game; “PlzmePlz”, a human warrior played by your typical angry, zit faced, impatient, spoiled, 15-year-old gamer; Nickelsack, a small gnome warrior with a purple mohawk controlled by a college kid who doesn’t really care about the game; and finally, LuvPrncess, a beautiful, scantily dressed fairy princess controlled by a middle-aged man who plays the sexy female character in an attempt to “get free things from other gamers”. Together, they are “FOUR TANKS AND A HEALER”.

Written by Larry Longstreth, produced by Marisa Zakaria and Mark Ordesky (The Lord of the Rings trilogy), the show itself is created in a 2D, Adult-Swim style of animation by animator Jacob Drake. The sense of humor is very smart-ass and filled with gags and social commentaries.